Sustainable Sunderland is an award winning series of projects funded by The Big Lottery fund, led by Sunderland BME Network Limited.


Founded in April 2013 Sustainable Sunderland has been helping to raise awareness about issues in energy use, energy reduction, carbon emissions, green spaces, flood risk, coastal management and the environment in Sunderland ever since. It aims to reduce the effects of human activity on our climate and planet to create a healthier world for us all. We are currently in consultation with a number of organisations about the best way to take Sustainable Sunderland forward in the Sunderland area. If you are able to contribute to our goals or want to join us in creating a healthier city and residents then please do not hesitate to get in touch with David Newrick at Sunderland BME Network via this link to the Sunderland BME Network contact us page (this method has been introduced reluctantly to stop problems with spammers and denial of service attacks).


Sustainable Sunderland continues to provide advice and is backed up by this website, Social Media, a YouTube channel and electronic newsletters via a Cloud service. Sustainable Sunderland’s website and email is also hosted on a ‘green server’ where its existence is carbon neutral – thereby having zero impact on the environment.

The first phase of Sustainable Sunderland was funded by The Big Lottery Fund in conjunction with Groundwork UK. This phase covered the period from April 2013 to March 2017. To ensure that best practice was followed this phase was evaluated by outside, independent organisations. To enhance the legacy of Sustainable Sunderland hose evaluations are now available to read on this website by following this link or using the menus above.


Join the Sustainable Sunderland Facebook Group

If you like to use Facebook to keep up to date then it is free to join the Sustainable Sunderland Facebook Group. The group covers a range of issues that are related to environmental matters in Sunderland, its place in a global environment as well as the surrounding areas. Occasionally there may be posts about national issues or about matters of interest because they impact on what is happening locally but the majority of the posts keep you informed about local issues, events, people etc.

You can click on this link to visit the Sustainable Sunderland Facebook Group and join up if you wish (link opens in a new window).