More about Sustainable Sunderland


Sustainable Sunderland was a 4 year programme which ended in March 2017

The purpose of the programme was to reach –

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Businesses
  • Community organisations

The above were located within the following four wards of Sunderland –

  • Hendon
  • Millfield
  • Pallion
  • Southwick


Its aims were to provide the following –

  • Advice and support to reduce fuel bills/fuel consumption through switching providers, tariff or payment method
  • Adopting energy efficiency methods and behaviours
  • Understanding their environmental impact and ‘One Planet Living’
  • Support in the set up of Green Businesses
  • Establishment of a volunteer programme of Green Community Champions
  • Exploration into community ventures like the joint procurement of fuel, white goods, garden swaps and food Co ops
  • Exploration into the ‘Sunderland Cloud’ to see if ways to introduce digital sustainability are viable
  • Sign posting to other services outside of the Programme as appropriate


The four target wards are highlighted in the info graphic below to show their geographical location in relation to the rest of Sunderland –


The Sustainable Sunderland project ran between April 2013 and March 2017. Residents and organisations were followed up to find out how their attitudes had changed towards sustainability and to see if their conditions had improved as a result.