A number of evaluations were conducted to ensure Sustainable Sunderland had a high level of oversight, with a deep level of integrity that had been assessed by outside independent evaluators. It also ensured that Sustainable Sunderland was good value for money for The Big Lottery Fund, Groundwork UK and those making contributions to its work.


An evaluation was carried out by Leeds Beckett University over a three year period. Once funding became available a further evaluation was commissioned from Chris Ford. Both of these evaluation reports are provided in full, without any alterations (other than to ensure appropriate website layout) are provided in this section.


Both evaluators were sourced via tender and scrutinised before selection by a panel appointed specifically for that specific purpose.


Please note that Sunderland BME Network as lead Partner has committed resources to ensuring the legacy of this project by funding this website and the public dissemination of these reports. If you did have a specific enquiry then by all means do contact David Newrick at Sunderland BME Network. However, Sunderland BME Network does not currently have the resources to provide printed copies or able to cover postage/delivery costs. However, please do go through these evaluations here on this website.