27-01-2014 – The Bridges


This all day event was held on Monday, 27th January 2014 in the main mall of The Bridges logoThe Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland. The lead Partner for organising this event was Sunderland BME Network Limited.

Age UK Sunderland, Gentoo Housing Group’s Gentoo Green team and KNW Ltd. attended the day which was held in the main shopping mall of the shopping centre. Shoppers and people walking through the mall were given the opportunity to see leaflets and posters about how Sustainable Sunderland could potentially help them. If they wished, interested people could complete a short referral form to have someone contact them with further information – several people completed forms for later follow up with them.



Above is a photograph of the Sustainable Sunderland display stand, with Rob Strange from KNW Ltd. (left) and Fred Elrick from Age UK Sunderland (right). Lauren O’Neill and Rachael Bell from Gentoo Green (who are not pictured above) were also at the event. Dean Huggins and David Newrick represented Sunderland BME Network Limited/Sustainable Sunderland.

SBMEN displayed leaflets on behalf of CEED (Roker Pods), ICOS,and Volunteer Centre Sunderland.

As you can see from the photograph we were surrounded by famous brands such as HMV, Disney, Superdrug, River Island and Superdry etc. Anouncements were made on Twitter and Facebook prior to the event letting people know we would be there and as well as being physically in the mall David Newrick tweeted live via social media.

We would like to thank our project Partners, those who expressed interest in our work and especially the staff and management of The Bridges Shopping Centre who helped so much to make this day a success.