Sustainable Sunderland worked in partnership with Sunderland City Council to map existing low carbon and climate change related projects.

To help with that mapping everyone was asked to complete a brief on-line questionnaire.

We are also sought to identify other projects that may be just under consideration. The information provided will be pulled together as part of a process of developing further funding bids for the existing Low Carbon ERDF call. Some projects may be suitable for funding from other sources. The information gathered will also be used to develop Grantfinder searches. Information from the searches will be provided to the relevant organisations. Support may be available to help you take ideas forward.



We also held a follow-up Project Development, Funding and Strategy Consultation Workshop, the first being on Thursday, 9th June, 2016 in Sunderland Bangladesh International Centre. The aim of that workshop was to look in more detail at the project ideas that have been generated so far.


Finally, if you would like more information about this initiative please watch our short YouTube video below (2 mins. 35 secs.).  At any time during the video you can pause it or go back to see a slide you are interested in by using the controls on the video.

Our thanks go to Victoria McKay-Parkin for preparing the initial slides for this YouTube based presentation.