As well as a leaflet a series of posters weve created. These posters are targeted towards residents, organisations and businesses – alerting them to the fact that Sustainable Sunderland can help to reduce their costs whilst helping the environment at the same time.

Fuel Poverty Ads

In this second poster details of this website are given so that anyone interested can find out more info and follow links to our Partner organisations. We hope that for some they may well already know and trust a Partner organisation.

In some cases this may be the first contact made with that organisation by that person or business, which may lead to new relationships being created.

Fuel Poverty Ads2

The leaflet below is specifically targeted at businesses as their sustainability potentially has a far larger carbon footprint than households. It was important therefore that they were included in the programme and given the opportunity to find out how they can improve their sustainability and have the benefit of reducing operational costs.

Fuel Poverty Ads5