For Homes

In_This_Bin_StickerRecycling is something everyone can do every day. It helps to reduce waste, reduces landfill, reduces emissions, improves the environment and gives creatures like the one above more chance of surviving.

Householders and tenants have a recycling system provided for them by Sunderland City Council. Rather than just being an extra bin the blue bin system makes recycling easier than ever. By putting whatever you can that is recyclable into the blue bin outside your home you are making an important contribution towards talking issues like climate change.

In Sunderland the City Council have done a great deal to encourage recycling. Sunderland City Council provide detailed guidance which they update regularly and which you can see now by following this link (link opens in a new window).

Most homes use batteries of one type or another. Unfortunately you can’t put your old batteries into your blue bin. Batteries are particularly toxic in landfill. It is actually Government legislation that a retailer must offer free collection (‘takeback’) of waste or used batteries if they sell or supply 32kg or more of portable batteries per year. All major supermarkets provide drop-off points that mean you can easily dispose of your batteries on your next shopping trip. Your batteries may be small but it really makes a difference by using this collection system.


For Businesses and Organisations

Recycling is good business.

First of all have you thought of putting up a sign telling everyone, especially your customers, that you recycle? More and more customers are concerned about climate change and the environment. It may actually be good business to tell people about your recycling not because you make money out of it but because people will want to do business with you.

Card and paper re-cycling are probably one of the biggest areas where you can recycle. Other materials such as rubber and aluminium cans. Of course metals can fetch high prices for recycling and it is worth looking at contacting a scrap dealer to see what they would pay for something that you would otherwise have just thrown away.

In the office and administration departments things like toner cartridges and inkjets are also something which can easily be recycled. All major manufacturers provide return schemes – it is just a matter of keeping all the old cartridges in a large envelope, box or carrier bag ready to return them. In some areas there are drop-off points where the cartridges are re-used (if you know of one in the Hendon, Millfield, Pallion or Southwick areas let us know and we will provide information here).

If office furniture or IT equipment is being replaced then have you considered seeking to have those items reused or recycled by offering them to charities or recycling centres. You can also use/support social economy organisations to recycle materials as appropriate (e.g. WARPit).

Recyclenow provide a range of guides for recycling in a business – click on this link to visit their webpage and download their guides (link opens in a new window).


For Everyone

Sunderland City Council provide a wealth of information about the things you can do within the Hendon, Millfield, Pallion and Southwick areas today. Click on this link to visit their webpage, then just choose whatever it is you are interested in (link opens in a new window).