Reduce energy use


By turning down the thermostat on your home , office or building by just 1 degree you can help to make an impact on the environment and help to reduce your impact on climate change.

For Homes

You have probably heard about most of these things before but now that you have decided to find out more you can take steps to both save your money and reduce your impact on the environment.

The Energy Saving Trust provides comprehensive information about reducing energy use. Follow this link to see their guidance on saving energy around the home.


For Businesses

Improving your business is probably something you think of every single day. Reducing your energy use not only reduces on-going costs but going forward you may well find important customers or potential clients who award their business depending on your ‘green credentials’.

You can’t necessarily change everything immediately but you can download a very useful government guide by the Department of Climate and Energy Change by following this link.